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Digital Identity
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The Team
We are 6 individuals from all over the world who carry a distinct identity. We are social entrepreneurs, innovators and artists but before we became all that, we needed to first.. be.

2.7 million children in the world today are not so lucky. They remain unregistered and without any legal identity to their name, they slip through the cracks of society and are a lost generation.

We are here to give them the birth right that was denied to them, we are here to give them an identity.
Ida Thien
Ida is a LLB graduate working towards closing the inequality gap and making quirky art.
Ratul Prasad
Ratul is an aspiring doctor from Myanmar. His ambition is to provide equality and access to healthcare to everyone through technology. In addition to his studies, he is actively involved in Student Politics.
Safa Iftikhar Malik
Safa is an avid mental health advocate. Her vision is to combine Virtual Reality and education to develop empathy for different causes among young scholars in schools and universities.
Máté Mátyás
Máté is studying to be an expert in international economic policymaking. His dream is to provide access to quality education for all.
Iva Gumnishka
Iva is a social entrepreneur from Bulgaria who is interested in solving global challenges through technology
Eliel Stenström
Eliel Stenström is currently studying at the London School of Economics but grew up in Stockholm with his mother. At TYF he hopes to contribute with innovations that can help tackle important global issues. In his free time he enjoys writing poetry and spending time with family and friends.