Digital Identity

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Digital Identity

Who Are You?

Do you know your date of birth?

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We all have a birthday to celebrate with our friends and family. However, children without identity do not know their birthdays or even their age.

Did you go to school?

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Unregistered children often come from poor communities. Without an identity, they are unable to go to school and receive the education they need to improve their lives.

Are you vaccinated?

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Children without birth registration often miss out on vaccinations that protect them from dangerous diseases.

Do you have a passport?

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Without birth registration, children will not be able to apply for other important documents such as passports. This means that they are restricted from many opportunities that we take for granted.

Have you ever felt you don’t belong to your community?

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Without an identity, these children do not belong to the communities they live with and can be taken advantage of.
Digital Identity

The Reality

I am the eldest, but I don’t know my age. I just know that I am old enough to work so I can help my parents feed my younger siblings.

Child Street Vendor

Did you know?

There are 1.1 billion invisible people in this world, with nearly 170 million of them being children under five. These children live without a formal document that can make the difference between health and sickness, safety and danger, even life and death for them.

"Birth registration provides a passport to protection, as an accurate record of age. It may help to prevent child labor, mitigate against child marriage and protect children from being treated as adults by the justice system. In times of disaster, undocumented children are at an even greater risk if they are separated from their parents or caregivers."
UNICEF, Progress Report 2013-2015: Birth Registration, Results for children in Pakistan

Many of these children belong to Sub-Saharan Africa & South Asia.

When we dig deeper, at a birth registration rate of only 33.34%, 60 million children under the age of 5 remain unregistered in Pakistan alone. Unsurprisingly, within Pakistan, the registration of birth in families of lower income is significantly less (45%) than those of affluent families (91%).

If you are a parent who is poor, unable to read, and speaks a different language, registering your child can be overwhelming.

Government offices tend to be far and difficult to travel to from rural villages, which means that parents have to sacrifice a day's wage to register their child. Communities in Pakistan are also multilingual and diverse, making information difficult to understand. Moreover, the process of getting a birth registration can be bureaucratic and complicated. When your biggest worry every day is to put food on the table for your family, registering your child is a price that is too high to pay.

Why dont parents from poor communities register their children?

The bottom line is, parents should not need to choose between their child's well being and identity.

Digital Identity

The Good News

According to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority's 2017 Annual Report, more than 70% of the population in Pakistan are mobile phone users.

Edentify is an easy, low-tech mobile solution that aims to make it easier for families to receive the support and incentives they need to register their children. Here's how:

Human Touch to a Digital Solution

Edentify converts conventional messaging into a simple voice technology, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) that is available in multiple local languages. That way, parents can access information they need on birth registration via a personalized conversation over the phone.
Interactive Voice Response
IVR Menu Options

A Little Credit Goes A Long Way

Edentify allows you to pledge a small sum of your mobile credit to cover the cost of a child's registration simply via SMS. Through EasyPaisa, a mobile bank account developed by Telenor Pakistan to send money via mobile accounts, we can then transfer your pledge to a family in need!
SMS Campaign to Donors

Getting the Word Out

To make sure we spread the word about our campaign to the public and families in need, we will be reaching out:

• Via social media campaigns. See how you can be part of this below!
• To health workers/community leaders in select villages in person
• Radio airtime so that we can reach even the parents in the most rural of villages
Radio Campaign
... by registering their child, parents not only better their child’s future but they help their village as the government can then plan according to the growing population, developing the schools, the roads and the infrastructure better.
Ghulam Rasool
Secretary, Union Council - 93, Doga, Punjab

Digital Identity

You can make this possible

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