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Safe Internet
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The Team
The number of children with daily Internet access is rising rapidly, and the time they spend online suggest that they will indefinitely become natives of the digital world. What children experience online is uncertain and hidden, and to raise and help digital native youth is a new challenge to parents, teachers and society in general. Self esteem issues, sexual abuse, porn addiction, cyber bullying, frightening content - these are just some of the issues kids face online.

What children need are special skills to successfully cope with challenges online and become resilient when dealing with the perils of the Internet. We want to enable youth to have a map and compass to navigate the digital landscape. That’s where DIGIU comes in - our goal is to establish an online platform championed by a peer-to-peer support community with the use of an interactive AI educational module to instil digital resilience skills.
Amalie Rasmussen
Amalie, 25, is pursuing a master’s degree in chemistry and project management and want to use this to improve water quality and access to this all over the world. She’s working with corporate social responsibility and interdisciplinary communication across fields of studies. Besides the technical studies, she volunteers with event management at her university and coaches children in athletics - and through this have experienced first hand the importance of learning communication and empathy at a young age.
Danica Celebic
Danica holds a BSc degree in Economics and is currently working as a digital marketer where she can utilize her passion for psychology and design. Besides her day job, she sees a huge importance in educating society about online safety, respecting human rights online and using the Internet for the benefit of all people as well as empowering youth to use digital media in finding and creating new jobs.
Elise Landsem
Elise Landsem, 28, is a generalist with enthusiasm and a genuine interest in improving the society as main common denominators. She has studied Industrial Chemistry and Biotechnology, Entrepreneurship and Spanish, and been volunteering within poverty relief, music festivals, student politics and sports. She has experience for example as a board member within higher education, as a worker in an ideal environmental organization, in a research institute, in a startup and in the Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection. Her goal is to figure out how this somewhat strange mix of elements can merge into her way of improving the lives of others.
Greta Bauko
Greta Baukó is about to complete her Bachelor’s Degree in psychology. From September she specializes in work and organizational psychology. As a professional, her goal is to foster better recognition of potentials on a personal level and to improve the cooperation and efficiency of companies and organizations. She believes that soft skill training (such as empathy, assertive communication and resilience) should be part of children’s education because these are crucial to maintaining a good mental health. She has volunteer experience with pre-school kids, autistic children and young adults.
Worapon Rattanawarawong
Worapon Rattanawarawong is a young professional on human rights, specialty in youth empowerment and gender equality. He earned a BPS in Politics and International Relations and currently is an MA Candidate in Human Rights and Democratisation. He has been working with several international organizations and governments including United Nations, World Bank, and U.S. Government. Currently, he is a Project Director of Alter International Youths Changemakers Network. His goal is to increase the inclusiveness in several policy-making participation to create positive change in the society.
Shaun Adam
Shaun Adam, 27 completed his MSc in International Business and Emerging Markets in the University of Edinburgh and is currently attached to the National Innovation Agency under the Prime Minister’s Office in Malaysia. He is also involved with the ASEAN plan to drive an inclusive sustainable agenda focusing on integrating technology into the economic and social developments of the region. He is passionate about creating an empathetic society that respects and understands each other. He believes that technology which has broken down barriers is the key forward to create a more ambiently aware global society.