Safe Internet

Safe Internet

Navigating in darkness

You are not alone
Do you ever feel lonely? Lost? Like you have no one to talk to about your problems? You are not alone! It’s OK to feel hurt because of what other people have said online. Especially young people are at risk of feeling alone, but during these hard times, it’s important to share your experiences with your friends and peers, as they probably deal with similar issues too. Our platform provides a community, where you can connect, share, learn and get stronger together.

Together, we can overcome cyberbullying.
Safe Internet

A keyboard away...

... Doesn't make it okay!

It only took that one single click to upload a humiliating video of your classmate. It took one click to leave a harassing comment on her Instagram photo, letting her know she's ugly. It took one click to exclude Simon from the the rest of the class. One click to take away his self-esteem. One click to remove the sense of self worth.
Safe Internet


Safe Internet

... The journey starts

... NOW!

Be part of the movement of cyber heroes around the world!

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