Decent Working Conditions

Decent working conditions

Beyond The Price Tag

The Race To The Bottom

People around the world are subject to degrading working conditions. Global supply chains have made it too easy for corporations to manage their hypocrisy and too difficult for consumers to do the right thing. Legislators turn a blind eye with the reason that lower labour standards are necessary to remain competitive in the global economy. But there are no winners in the race to the bottom.

Decent working conditions

The Untold Stories

From The Streets Of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Photos Credit: Azwad Anjum Islam

Decent working conditions

Presenting Our Solution

The Digital Message In A Bottle

Agncy is a whistleblowing platform where workers can file reports to local and international labour organisations. We want to enable for secure, anonymous and verifiable reports in a world where smartphones with internet access are increasingly available and used by these workers. Our project aims at reducing unfair labour practices globally by reducing inequalities as per the SDG10.

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Although fieldwork in Myanmar showed that many workers are willing to disclose their identity, we expect that workers in the most urgent cases are not. Therefore, anonymity is an option to protect their safety. This poses a challenge in ensuring the validity of reports. The examples below are measures that we will put in place to balance the safety of workers and the verification of reports. This is also to prevent malicious attacks on the platform.


Since the team was put together in December 2017, we have been working hard with regular meetings to develop this solution. Here are some of the highlights of our journey as well as what's to come.

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Workers are discouraged. Help us inspire workers to use this platform and speak up by making a RE: We Are Listening video response. As we head for launch, this will be vital in our campaigns to spread awareness of the app and in securing a partnership. Join us in this fight.

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